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The Stanley Parable

February 11, 2012

Decided I should update this blog I never use.

Anyway, after The Stanley Parable came out last July, I was captivated by it and offered my services on the remake. Davey Wreden (the creator of The Stanley Parable) went with another great mapper, William Pugh, as a lead, but asked me to remaster the original game for the Indie Games Festival. It turns out that you need a commercial license for your game in order to enter it into the IGF, so we just released update 1.4 last November as is. The remastered version mainly includes closed captions and several bug fixes. After releasing 1.4, I’ve been working here and there on the full remake of the game.

We are keeping things quiet about the remake at the moment, but as we release media for the game I’ll try and remember to post it here. After the mod’s release, I’ll write up a bunch of stuff about the development as well.

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