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ar_cinema (RC)

July 28, 2012

New map! Made in-between my work on The Stanley Parable, and pretty much getting it off my plate for now while I focus more on the mod. If I ever feel like it, I’ll post more about it’s development (which was a lengthy process!). Also, my first CS:GO map, so that’s fun.

While I love the official support for gun game in CS:GO, I’m a bit disappointed with only two maps for it. And on top of that, they are both symmetrical. Symmetry is just lazy map design in my opinion. So instead of complaining about it on the Steam User Forums or something counter-productive like that, I made my own arsenal map. I wanted it to really stand apart from other CS:GO maps, so it’s very colorful and mainly takes place indoors. Each section of the map was made to be unique and recognizable to make the map easy to navigate and remember.

Anyway, this is just a ‘prerelease’ I guess. It’s not the final version. I’m releasing it now mainly to catch small errors and whatnot before CS:GO goes public. I’ve still got a couple of things to add or tweak, but I just can’t get myself to keep working on it without getting some community feedback.

Credit to Firegod522 for the amazing night skybox. Shamelessly stolen because I tried making one and it looked terrible.

Download and more screenshots here!

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