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gm_ultrahill is a simple map for Garry’s Mod. Basically, it’s an updated version of gm_downhill. Those who are unfamiliar with the gm_downhill map, it’s a simple hill made out of displacements. I upped the ante and added two side hills, a flat slope and a cliff. It’s about the same size (dimension wise) as downhill.

A screenshot of gm_ultrahill

This was a very quick to make map, once I chose the design. Unfortunately, I lost the original design papers for the map, but I do remember that one of the early designs had a layout like this:

This quickly became a very popular map, thanks to being featured on the front page of It’s blocky and the displacements are pointy, but it even surpassed the download count of the original gm_downhill (by quite a lot). I am quite proud that so many people have downloaded and [hopefully] enjoyed my map. It was the popularity of this map that encouraged me to continue mapping.

The map does not require any other source mods, just whatever game you bought so you can run GMod. It’s in addon format, I didn’t fully realize the annoyances of addons at the time. You can download the map here:

(remember the skybox fix if you do not have Counter-Strike: Source)

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