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Level Overviews Part 2

For you CS:S map makers, you also need to make a radar image for your map to look really cool.

We’ll continue where we left off from Part 1.

35. Download this plug-in for Paint.NET (extract the *.zip to your ‘Paint.NET/Effects’ folder).

36. Open up Paint.NET again.

37. Find that PNG file that you saved in step 19 (of the first tutorial).


38. Go to Effects > Color > Color Filter and tint it green. Play around with the green shade, filter density, and preserve highlight amounts until it looks good.



39. You can add little transparent boxes where bombsite(s) or hostage rescue zones should be. This looks really nice and professional (don’t add any letters to your image, like ‘A’ for bombsite A or anything).


40. Save it as another PNG, but don’t save it over the first one you made (just in case). You can name it anything.

41. Close Paint.NET and open VTFEdit.

These next few steps are really similar to steps 21-29 in the first part of this tutorial, so I’ve decided to just give the basic steps and not the entire explanation that I already gave.

42. File > Import. Import the file you just saved in step 40.

43. Clamp S, Clamp T. (déjà vu?)


44. Save it as ‘<mapname>_radar’ in your materials/overview folder.


45. File > Create VMT File. Ignore the window and press ‘Create’. Save it as ‘<mapname>_radar’ in the same folder as the above step.



46. Close the window and open the VMT file you just created.


47. Replace the text with this:

$translucent 1
$basetexture “overviews/<mapname>_radar”
$vertexalpha 1
$no_fullbright 1
$ignorez 1

48. Replace ‘<mapname>’ with your map’s name.


49. It should be working now! Test it out!


Finished product! I made mine a bit too light.

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